Deer becoming nuisance in Parker County town



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Posted on August 28, 2013 at 6:04 PM

Updated Thursday, Aug 29 at 4:35 PM

Hudson Oaks

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HUDSON OAKS — When the sun gets low, deer come out in big numbers in some neighborhoods in the Parker County town of Hudson Oaks.

You'll see a dozen, maybe two dozen of the majestic, graceful creatures ambling down streets and lounging in yards.

They walk around like they own the place, and many people who do own their places are getting fed up.

"Coming in this morning there was a herd of 19; six were babies," said William Hinnenberg. He has put countless hours into his beautifully landscaped property.

He installed motion sensors on sprinklers to scare deer away from his plants, but his neighbor was feeding the deer.

"I took a picture,” Hinnenberg said. "She had 27 deer over there on their lawn when they were feeding them."

His neighbor stopped putting out food.

Last year, the city sent out letters urging everyone to stop feeding them.

But officials believe the problem is only getting worse, and they're contemplating what else they can do. Removing deer to thin the herds would be difficult and expensive.

But in the Diamond Oaks subdivision, folks say it's getting to be impossible to grow flowers or vegetables. It is like planting deer food.

"Keith across the street had an electrified fence he put up in his garden,” Hinnenberg said. "They jumped over that and ate everything in his garden. He gave up."

Hudson Oaks residents do enjoy seeing the deer. Many moved away from the city to enjoy country charms — including wildlife.

It has become a question of balance. Wildlife experts also say it’s better for the deer if there are fewer of them foraging for food in neighborhoods and walking down increasingly busy streets.