Chase ensues after 'Elsie the Cow' gets loose at Mayfest



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Posted on April 30, 2010 at 5:20 PM

Updated Friday, Apr 30 at 8:08 PM

FORT WORTH - An escape attempt made by "Elsie the Cow" at Fort Worth's Mayfest Friday turned into a foot chase.

Borden Company's famous mascot made a run for it just after finishing up a kid show at the event in Trinity Park.

Just after 1 p.m., Elsie hoofed her way to the Port-a-Potties and then into some high reeds. With some fancy footwork, Elsie managed to evade police capture, which was when officers called in for backup.

"We contacted Tarrant County Sheriff's posse and also the Fort Worth Police Department Mounted Patrol ," said Sgt. Tim Ellis, Fort Worth Police Department.

Through it all, Elsie remained friendly, but coy. One man nearly managed to wrap his lasso around Elsie's neck, but she quickly ducked away, sending the man rolling on the ground.

"I don't think they're real cowboys because they couldn't get the lasso going," said Loretta Harrison, a festival patron, with a laugh.

Two hours after her initial escape, an officer on a horse captured Elsie with one toss of his lasso.

Elsie was then herded back into the Borden trailer.