Bobcats causing concern in Frisco



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Posted on December 4, 2012 at 11:23 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 25 at 9:06 PM

FRISCO — In this burgeoning suburban community, construction seems nearly continuous. But with so much civilization being erected so quickly, there is another development that isn’t part of a master plan: Bobcats in residential neighborhoods.

“This is number ten in six months,” said self-titled wildlife specialist Cliff Moore, standing next to a cage containing a bobcat he said he nabbed from a Frisco backyard on Tuesday morning.

As human encroachment has intensified in Frisco, Moore said he has increasingly been called upon to move out some of the city's original tenants.

“The land is shrinking, and the number of animals is growing," he said. "It’s inevitable that something bad is going to happen.”

The trapper estimates there are as many as 100 of the big cats running wild here. He worries that if they aren’t caught and relocated as part of a concerted effort, one of the wild felines could easily upset the family-friendly foundation the city of Frisco is built on.

“They are able to take down a deer," Moore said. "If they are able to take down a deer, what can they do to our companion animals, and — worst case — our children?"

The city says those concerns are unfounded, and that residents can easily be coached on how to ward off the sometimes foul-tempered critters.

“We want people to call us to help them decide what they want to do with it,” said Frisco Animal Control Administrator Greg Carr.

Carr said most of the bobcats that have been spotted in the city limits have instinctively limited their interactions with human cohabitants.

“As long as they are doing that, then we let them be," he said.

But Moore said too many people — and too many bobcats — are sharing too little open space.

As he prepared to haul off the bobcat captured Tuesday to re-release it far out in the country, Moore warned we may see more bobcat-human interactions in the months ahead when spring brings more babies.