Alleged 'bait dog' found with jar on his head




Posted on August 22, 2012 at 4:20 PM

Updated Wednesday, Aug 22 at 7:01 PM

DALLAS — An animal rescue group thinks someone stuck a jar on a pit bull's head to train other dogs to fight.

Animal Allies of Texas first noticed the dog last week walking along Polk Avenue. 

Rescuer Melody Hamilton said the jar had been there at least five days, and was cut so precisely, it had to have been done on purpose to use the dog as bait. 

"This was deliberate. This wasn't something from the trash that the dog got into because he was hungry. This was put on him with the specific goal of him not being able to defend himself," Hamilton said.

Some of Hamilton's fellow volunteers finally caught the dog on Monday morning and took him to Metro Paws Animal Hospital.

"He came in pretty emotionally distressed.  He was really nervous, anxious, and definitely had been through a lot," said Associate Veterinarian Dr. Shana Robson.

According to Robson, the dog —  who they named "Pappy" —  was under weight, had fleas and ticks, and several fight wounds.  An injury on his paw was so severe, the hospital had to amputate one of his toes.

Dr. Robson said she can help him heal physically, but Pappy will need lots of one-on-one care once he leaves the hospital. 

"He's going to need a good foster home where someone can work on his emotional needs as well," she said.

Anyone with information on what happened to Pappy can call police with tips, or click here to contact Animal Allies of Texas.

You can also donate money to help with Pappy's hospital bills by calling the rescue group at 972-967-2266.