Arts hall in Collin County in limbo



Posted on March 8, 2010 at 9:53 PM

Updated Monday, Mar 8 at 9:54 PM

FRISCO - The Frisco City Council took no action Monday on putting the proposed performing Arts Hall of Collin County on the ballot in May for residents to re-vote. 

They passed on a deadline to call for a special election that could have killed deal. Instead, they decided to take more time talking with the ACC board. The Arts Hall of Collin County will sit on more than 100 acres if Allen, Plano and Frisco each pay their part to build it. Each city is on the hook to pay $19 million dollars in bonds. 

Some Frisco residents who attended the special city council meeting said the the economy is too bad to take on extra taxes.

"There's a lot of uncertainty right now," said Sarah Panicci. "And you know people are managing and I think there's going to be more unemployment this year." 

It's a concern city councilors are hearing more often, but the majority of residents at the meeting wore pink badges of support.

"We went into a partnership with the other two cities," said Curtis Wade, a Frisco resident. "And it's kind of like a marriage, and when you're part of that in a partnership, you don't go back on your word." 

There were differing opinions among the Frisco city council as well.  

"Frisco's decision is that it is not the time to be selling these bonds," said city council member Jeff Cheney. 

City council member Bart Crowder countered that statement.  

"Perhaps we move on from today's imminent deadline and that there be no further action taken here and that's all I have," he said.  

For now, there is no vote for residents and still no set date of when the arts hall would be built.