With big win, Cruz and wife reflect on campaign, changes ahead




Posted on November 7, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 7 at 7:22 PM

Republican Ted Cruz, who resoundingly won the Texas U.S. Senate seat in Tuesday's election, wants to get to Washington to start making some big changes.

But there are also some changes ahead for his family life: His wife and daughters plan to remain in Houston while he commutes to his new job.

As the night and campaign finally ended, Cruz, once considered a very long shot to win, stood victorious. But hours earlier with history unfolding as Texans elected their first Hispanic senator, WFAA got an exclusive look inside the campaign war room as the returns came in.

Cruz was rightfully optimistic.

"It’s looking like a good night," he said.

Along with wife, Heidi, and campaign consultant, Jason Johnson, Cruz watched as the winning trend became clear. And for Heidi Cruz, their family situation will clearly be in for some big changes.

They have two preschool-age daughters, Catherine and Caroline, who will be seeing less of their dad.

"The girls are very close to Ted, and so the plan right now is for us to stay here," Mrs. Cruz said. "I think he’ll likely be back Thursday nights; sometimes it’ll be Fridays. But we’ll hopefully we’ll have some great quality times on the weekends and will evaluate as we go along."

Campaign attacks on the candidate can be hard on the spouse. As a first-timer, Heidi Cruz said the TV attack ads in the primary and runoff did bother her some.

"I’d ask Ted, 'How do you feel about this? Is this bothering you?'" Heidi Cruz said. "And when he had zero stress about it — and it wasn’t that he was taking it for granted, it really just didn’t bother him — he thought it was an interesting political science experiment on the other side."

But with a big majority of Texas voters on their side, Cruz and his wife admitted it was a little hard to believe.

"[We're] just humbled and honored to serve the state," Heidi Cruz said.

"We’ve got a lot of work to do," Senator-elect Cruz added.

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