Dewhurst, Cruz headed to GOP Senate runoff



Posted on May 29, 2012 at 7:37 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 30 at 12:29 AM

Read our minute-by-minute account of the Texas Primary.

12:18a With most precincts now reporting statewide, the Secretary of State's office reports a turnout of 3.56 percent of registered Democratic voters and 10.18 percent of registered Republican voters. - WFAA


10:46p House District 33 Democratic candiates Marc Veasey and Domingo Garcia just finished a live split-screen mini-debate on WFAA. "I think I can do a better job than anybody because we built the largest coalition," Garcia said. "I think July 31 is a whole new election,"  he added, referring to his runoff with Veasey. "I think I've run a good, positive campaign," Veasey said. "I put together the broadest coalition in the district of African-American and Latino and progressive voters ... I am a good Democratic voice for all the voters in the district." "Wall Street has been running Washington for too long," Garcia said, inferring that Veasey's campaign was fueled by special interests. "I want to be the voice for average people." But Veasey countered: "There are no special interests in District 33." - WFAA

10:30p Ted Cruz challenges Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst to five debates before their July 31 runoff for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination.

10:14p David Dewhurst has acknowledged to supporters that he will be in a runoff with second-place finisher Ted Cruz in the GOP U.S. Senate primary race. "Watch out!" he warned Cruz.  - Brad Watson reporting from Houston

10:11p Democrat Marc Veasey thanked campaign staffers and supporters in his race for the District 33 House primary. "I'm very happy with the big lead that we opened up," he said, saying he's ready for the next challenge: a runoff with second-place finisher Domingo Garcia.  Veasey said he will need to solidify his Tarrant County base and work hard for support in Dallas, Garcia's stronghold. - Casey Norton reporting from Fort Worth

10:06p Supporters cheered Ted Cruz, as he climbed the podium at his election watch party with his wife and two young daughters. "Wow! We did it!" Cruz said, after apparently winning a July 31 runoff with front-runner David Dewhurst in the GOP U.S. Senate primary.  "This is an incredible, unbelieveable night ... nobody in the state thought we could do it, and together, we did." He said winning a runoff with David Dewhurst is "a victory for conservatives."  - Jason Whitely reporting from Houston

10p "Today Republican voters made a choice between a conservative Texas businessman and Washington special interests," Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst told supporters in Houston. "If you like Texas, you're going to love the job I'm going to do for you in Washington." But while he got the most votes in GOP U.S. Senate primary -- 47 percent --  the projections indicate Dewhurst will not get enough votes to avoid a runoff election with Ted Cruz, who had 32 percent of the vote with 39 percent of precincts reporting. - Brad Watson reporting from Houston

9:54p Democrat Domingo Garcia tells supporters he will be in a runoff for U.S. House District 33. - Monika Diaz reporting from Dallas

9:50p A spokesman for GOP U.S. Senate candidate David Dewhurst says things are "looking good" with the numbers from West Texas still to be counted. Dewhurst plans to address supporters at 10:03 p.m. - Brad Watson reporting from Houston

9:48p Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina says David Dewhurst failed to win a majority in the GOP U.S. Senate primary because he failed to fight for conservative principles and his false attacks backfired. - Brad Watson reporting from Houston

9:39p Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and tea-party backed former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz are heading to a runoff in the state's Republican primary for U.S. Senate. The race had been fierce, with brutal attacks from all sides. Candidates competed to see who could claim to be the true conservative. Dewhurst was short of the majority needed to earn the nomination outright. The two men will now face a runoff election on July 31 to advance to the November general election in the race to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. - AP

9:34p Could Tom Leppert be the kingmaker in the Republican U.S. Senate race? He declined to endorse either Ted Cruz or David Dewhurst, who are apparently headed for a runoff. A recent Public Policy Polling survey shows that Leppert backers break 77-13 in favor of Dewhurst. - Brad Watson reporting from Houston

9:32p GOP U.S. Senate candidate Craig James has conceded defeat. He has less than 4 percent of the vote with 25 percent of precincts reporting. - WFAA

9:25p Democrat Domingo Garcia said he plans to reach out to all voters in what looks like an upcoming runoff for the U.S. House District 33 race with Marc Veasey. "It's about bringing all Americans together to fight the people who have been putting a lot of middle class families down," he said, adding that he will ask the candidates who finished out of the running to unite behind his campaign. - Monika Diaz reporting from Dallas

9:18p The trend is definitely pointing toward a runoff in the GOP U.S. Senate race. With 20 percent of precincts reporting, David Dewhurst's slice of the pie has slipped under 47 percent; Ted Cruz is moving toward 31 percent. - Brad Watson reporting from Houston

9:09p Former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert has declined to endorse either David Dewhurst or Ted Cruz for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination, saying he's going to wait and see what happens next. Leppert also said he has no future career plans to announce at this time, and wouldn't say whether a return to city politics might be a possibility. - Jonathan Betz reporting from Dallas

8:59p With 13 percent of precincts checking in statewide, David Dewhurst has 47 percent of the GOP U.S. Senate primary vote; Ted Cruz trails with 30 percent. Tom Leppert, who has already conceded defeat, has 14 percent. - WFAA

8:50p Domingo Garcia, seeking the Democratic nomination to the U.S. House District 33 race, has arrived at campaign headquarters in Oak Cliff. With only early voting returns in so far, he's in position for a runoff with Marc Veasey. - Monika Diaz reporting from Dallas

8:46p Although Tom Leppert conceded defeat to reporters at his campaign headquarters, the former Dallas mayor has yet to address supporters following his disappointing showing in the GOP U.S. Senate race. He's been meeting one-on-one with key backers. - Jonathan Betz reporting from Dallas

8:43p Supporters are chanting as incumbent Democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson declares victory in the U.S. House District 30 race with 71 percent of the early voting total. Asked what the numbers in her landslide victory mean, she replied: "They say I win!" - Teresa Woodard reporting in Dallas

8:36p Former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, who portrayed his rivals as "empty suits" in a TV campaign, concedes defeat in the GOP U.S. Senate race, saying "the numbers are pretty clear." - Jonathan Betz reporting

8:33p Former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert has arrived at his watch party for the GOP U.S. Senate seat.  If early returns hold, Leppert will be out of the running for a runoff election.

8:32p There's a festive mood at the David Dewhurst watch party in Houston. The Republican U.S. Senate candidate is leading rivals, but the early vote return indicates that a runoff with rival Ted Cruz is likely. - Brad Watson reporting from Houston

8:29p Democrat Dr. David Alameel is expected to arrive at his U.S. House District 33 watch party around 8:30 p.m. With only early voting reported, he is in fouth place with 9 percent. - Marcus Moore reporting from Fort Worth

8:24p Mitt Romney says he's honored and humbled to become the Republican Party's 2012 presidential nominee, and he's expressing confidence in his chances of winning the White House this fall. The former Massachusetts governor clinched the party nod Tuesday night with a Texas primary victory. In a post-victory statement, he claims the party has come together after a divisive primary with one goal — putting what he calls the countries' failures of the last three-plus years in the past. He also says he's mindful of the challenges that lie ahead. But he also says he and the country will settle for nothing less than making America prosperous and filled with jobs. - AP

8:11p Domingo Garcia is expected to arrive at his campaign headquarters at around 8:30 p.m. The Democrat currently has second place in the battle for his party's U.S. House District 33 seat with 25 percent; Marc Veasey has 39 percent. - Monika Diaz reporting in Dallas

8:05p The Associated Press projects that Mitt Romney will win the GOP Texas Primary, giving him enough delegates to clinch the Republican presidential nomination.  - AP

8:02p Democrat Barbara Mallory Caraway, who lost her challenge to U.S. House District 30 incumbent Eddie Bernice Johnson, asks campaign volunteers to celebrate their hard work.  Caraway tells them that she will be back in the political arena. - Craig Civale reporting from Dallas

7:58p It was a short night at campaign headquarters for incumbent Eddie Bernice Johnson, declared the winner of the Democratic primary in the U.S. House District 30 race.  "I'm grateful to voters in District 30," she told WFAA. "This term is not finished. The nomination that I received is for next year, and I have to finish out this year." - Teresa Woodard reporting from Dallas

7:52p Marc Veasey, running for the Democratic nomination for U.S. House District 33, is speaking to supporters, saying the early returns are "encouraging."  He has 39 percent of early voting over challengers Domingo Garcia and Kahleen Hicks. "I'm feeling really good about tonight so far," he said.  - Casey Norton reporting from Fort Worth

7:45p It looks like the Texas GOP Senate primary might go to a runoff based on early returns. - Jason Whitely reporting from Houston

7:40p With 72 of 8,779 precincts reporting, the Texas Secretary of State says David Dewhurst has 47 percent and challenger Ted Cruz has 28 percent of the vote in the Republican U..S. Senate primary. - Jason Whitely reporting from Houston

7:27p Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price is comfortably ahead of Democratic challengers Michah Phillips and Betty Culbreath in early voting with 76 percent of the total. - WFAA

7:26p Incumbent Eddie Bernice Johnson is projected to win the Democratic primary for U.S. House District 30 over challengers Barbara Mallory Caraway and Taj Clayton. Johnson had 71 percent of the early voting returns. - WFAA

7:26p In the Democratic race for the new U.S. House District 33, Domingo Garcia has 46 percent of the early voting returns, a clear lead over his opponents Marc Veasey and David Alameel. - WFAA

7:25p Ted Cruz is having a brief dinner of chicken wings at a Houston hotel as he awaits early returns in the Republican U.S. Senate primary. Those initial numbers are important, because if they show challenger David Dewhurst with 50 percent or more of the votes, it could indicate a difficult night ahead for Cruz partisans, who are hoping for a runoff... which they would consider a victory. - Jason Whitely reporting from Houston