Parents, administrators discuss school's underwear check

Some parents were more upset about the story getting out of the small town, and not that it happened in the first place. Marie Saavedra has the story.

GUSTINE, Texas – Members of the Gustine ISD School Board heard from concerned parents Thursday night after an incident at the school made national news.

Two administrators believed a student left feces on the floor in the gym Monday. Parents say they separated the boys and girls in fourth and fifth grade and pulled down their pants part way to find who did it.

Thursday night, the school board delayed its formal meeting for an informal session, allowing four members to listen to parents who feel that the administrators went too far with their kids, and those who believe the administrators made the best decision they could at the time.

"Was it wrong? Probably so. Should they be forgiven? Yes. Should they be hung by the rafters? No," said parent Michele Limmer.

The district confirmed that the two administrators involved in this event are on leave. Speakers at the meeting and other parents confirmed that they are Gustine ISD's principal and a coach with Gustine High School's girls basketball team.

Maria Medina's 11-year-old daughter was in the group searched. She believes it was a bad decision, and that many here are more mad that the story got out -- not that it happened.

"This town is more concerned about the image of Gustine, and about the adults and their jobs than they are about the children," she told the crowd.

Medina has supporters, but many others said we've all made bad calls, and if no one got hurt, the school should forgive. This town felt like family will agree to disagree.

The superintendent is conducting his own investigation into this matter. We repeatedly asked him for comment throughout the day on the status of it, but he told us he had no comment.


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