Kimball coach fired, other coaches under fire at DISD




Posted on September 7, 2012 at 6:46 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 13 at 1:23 PM

DALLAS - News 8 has learned coaches at 18 DISD schools are in violation of district rules, including one of the biggest names in DISD athletics. Eventually all of the coaches involved could lose their jobs.

It’s the first time new DISD Superintendent Mike Miles has shown his tough new reforms will also apply to athletics.

The coaching reforms are all tied to a News 8 investigation into alleged improper recruiting and eligibility violations involving 2012 4A boys state basketball champs, the Kimball Knights.

DISD Superintendent Mike Miles' no non-sense approach to education has taken a new direction.

"We want to follow rules and guidelines, and our integrity has to be high in every area,” Miles said Friday.

In our investigation, News 8 uncovered evidence that the mother of one of Kimball's star players submitted inaccurate information to the UIL to justify her son's mid-year transfer to play basketball at Kimball.

While a resulting internal DISD investigation is ongoing, Superintendent Miles has done some digging of his own.

He found 28 coaches at 18 schools have been violating district rules by only working part-time as regular school employees and spending most of their time coaching. He calls this a misuse of state and federal funds.

"And if we are going to pay someone for doing this job out of public dollars or federal dollars -- either way, the public's money -- then I have a responsibility to make sure that job is being done,” Miles said.

But that's not all. Miles is issuing a tough new directive.

Beginning next school year, Miles said he will require all coaches at DISD be certified as regular teachers. The new rule would affect coaches like Kimball Head Basketball Coach Snoop Johnson, who is paid $30,000 per year as a teacher's aide and doesn't have a college degree.

Johnson did not respond to our call for comment.

Miles said he's also taking the allegation of improper recruiting at Kimball very seriously.

"Certainly we are going to follow the rules of high school athletics,” Miles said. “We are not going to recruit. If I find that we are recruiting, then we are going to take action."

News 8 has learned an unnamed Kimball High School coach, allegedly involved with improper recruiting, has been terminated subject to appeal.

And in a letter to "all campus administrators" last week, Superintendent Miles sent a strong message, saying "individuals violating the terms of his directive will be held personally accountable and may also be subject to termination."