Mesquite ISD keeping brains and bodies involved, a minute at a time




Posted on March 3, 2012 at 12:00 AM

MESQUITE - No matter how good the teacher, or how important the lesson, sometimes kids just zone out.

"My legs get tired, my feet fall asleep, my arms starting hurting," said John Brown, a fifth grader. "My brain feels like it's gone."

In Mesquite ISD, that's when it's time for a "Jammin' Minute."

Using guidance from a national program, MISD created their own videos, using instructors and students doing easy and fun exercises. "Jammin' Minutes" are designed to get the body moving and the blood pumping.

"As students sit long, their blood starts pooling in their hamstrings and starts draining from their brain, and so they are not as efficient in the classroom," said MISD Health/P.E. Coordinator Susan Henderson.

"We've got a lot of testing coming up, these kids need to be learning," Henderson continued. "So let's get them up, get the lower extremities and everything moving. So that now, the brain gets back engaged - 'Oh' this person is awake. Let's start thinking again.'"

MISD has recorded 42 Jammin' Minutes so far, for use in grades K through eighth.

Fifth graders at Shands Elementary love them.

"It's almost better than recess," Joseph Sharp said.

Teachers who use them every day say students have better attention after one.

"They'll even say, 'Okay, Ms. Mathews, we need a "Jammin Minute' time,'" said teacher Leslie Mathews. "And they'll let me know when it's time often."

So when every second of learning counts, Mesquite ISD making the most of them - one Jammin' Minute at a time.