Fight video leads to more complaints from neighbors of Bowie High



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Posted on April 27, 2012 at 12:11 AM

ARLINGTON - Residents in the neighborhood near Bowie High School said they're fed up with kids causing trouble in their neighborhood.

"We feel in the neighborhood, we've become babysitters for these kids," Chuck Harper said.

He added that some of the activity that goes on after school is unacceptable.

Bonnie Bolideau showed News 8 video of crowd of people surrounding what she says was a fight near Bowie High School.

"I actually saw the kid in the street being beaten, and nobody doing anything about it," she said. "As a mom, that breaks my heart."

Neighbors say it's an example of the issues they've been dealing with for months.

Police patrolled the area Thursday afternoon and there were no issues. In fact, they released a statement saying they "have worked closely with residents to mitigate their concerns" and "believe we have made headway."

But residents say when police are gone, the issues surface again. Concerned residents say more needs to be done, and they're calling on parents to step up.