AT&T invests in initiative to encourage at-risk students




Posted on June 1, 2012 at 7:28 PM

A new report shows that one in four high school students drops out of school.
Dallas based AT&T hopes to change that.

The company is investing a third of a billion dollars in "Aspire", a company-wide initiative to ensure students are ready for the workforce and competitive in a global economy.

Students are getting exposure to one of several the high-tech telepresence centers at Dallas based AT&T.

It is part of a job shadowing program sponsored by the telecommunications giant.
The Aspire program, which includes job shadowing and other social programs, hopes to prepare kids for the workplace.

The company will use social media and the web to reach students. It also wants to capitalize on the power of personal connections pairing students with a mentor.

“it allows us to connect the dots between what is a necessary skill in the workplace and what skills they need to gather at school,” said Brad Yates, AT&T.

Studies show high school drop outs earn 25 percent less than their peers, and 50 percent less than college graduates.
Students who never thought of college or who are at risk of dropping out, now see options.

“It made me want to stay in school to repay everything they are doing for me,” said Jackory Clark, program participant.

Employees are giving of themselves, a small price to pay, for an educated workforce.