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Posted on February 1, 2010 at 12:43 PM

Our Neighbor has taken a group of inner city kids and shown them there is much more to life than games, prostitution and violence.

The kids at Bea's Kids centers provide hundreds of kindergarten through twelfth grade students free after-school tutoring.

They reach out to many students who see crime in their neighborhood.

"Gang violence, prostitution. Just last week, one of the girls in the program, her mum came to talk to me and said some girls jumped on her over a boy," said Voscia Walker from Bea's Kids.

There are four Bea's Kids centers in the Dallas area which provide a safe, structured environment to help students with homework, reading and personal guidance.

Bea's Kids rely heavily on volunteers, like Martha Humphries.

"She helps us with our homework. She does a lot of nice stuff for us," said student, Erika Pacheko.

Martha spends 10 to 15 hours a week working with students on their homework and their reading and writing ability. Whatever the kids need to excel in academics, Martha is the one volunteer these kids can count on to make it happen.

All of the students live in low-income apartment complexes and they have had to endure many struggles of their own already. But when they walk into the center, they know they are safe and they know they are going to get help to stay in school.

"These kids just deserve to have someone believe in them," said Humphries. "Their parents do, their teachers do, but one more person who believes they can do well, means so much to them."

Martha knows one-on-one time with these students is the best way to move them forward and she's willing to invest the time.

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