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Posted on August 26, 2010 at 11:05 AM

Updated Thursday, Aug 26 at 11:07 AM

ARLINGTON: Thursday's "Our Neighbor" is providing free medical help to low-income citizens and homeless people.

The Mission Arlington Clinic is made up entirely of volunteers who are helping to save lives every day.

A jam packed waiting room is nothing new for the clinic, which provides free help to families Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, along with Tuesday evenings. There's always a line waiting when the doors open.

Most of the patients have no insurance or a place to turn to when they're sick.

"They're keeping me alive," said David Hand, a client.

The clinic is a collaboration of medical doctors, nurses, churches and anyone who wants to come down and offer their services. Everyone at the clinic is a volunteer, and they need more.

"We do need translators," said Douglas Blake, a physician's assistant and volunteer.

But, mainly they need medicine.

"We used to get a nice supply of medicines from drug store companies and drug  representatives, but it's drying up and we're really short most of the time," Blake said.

But, despite their shortage of medicine and volunteers, Mission Arlington continues to see patients for free, offering them hope and love.

"I'm glad that they're doing it, thankful to God for it," Hand said. "They're good people."

That's why WFAA names Blake and every volunteer at the Mission Arlington Clinic Thursday's Our Neighbor.

If you would like to help or if you know someone WFAA could feature as an Our Neighbor, contact cizzy@wfaa.com.

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