Inside scoop on new Blue Bell Distribution Center



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Posted on August 29, 2011 at 12:01 PM

Updated Tuesday, Dec 3 at 6:59 PM

Blue Bell distribution center

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FORT WORTH -- It is by far the coolest spot in Texas. From the 40 degree loading docks to the sub-zero freezer, the new Blue Bell distribution branch knows how to handle the Texas heat.

It is also working hard to handle a growing demand for ice cream in North Texas. A new distribution center in Fort Worth is now in full swing. This is the second facility to open up in Cow Town and the sixth in the metroplex.

Now, you may ask, how do they transport the ice cream around in this record-breaking summer? Well, they put a slice of Antarctica in a sub-zero freezer.

Blue Bell transports the ice cream from a route truck that is eighteen below zero to a loading dock that is 40 degrees to a sub-zero freezer with a wind chill of forty below.

Blue Bell officials said the goal is to keep it rock hard until it hits the shelves.

Sales Manager Troy Kuecker said Blue Bell employees handle the ice cream every step of the way.

"We feel this gives us an advantage where we can take care of the product because ice cream is very perishable and heat shock," said Kuecher. "It really damages the product so we make sure with a quality sales personnel that we get it to the grocer before it melts."

Instant Live 8 took a peek into the sub-zero freezer where Blue Bell keeps around 700 palates of ice cream at the new facility. 

Employees are decked out in eskimo-like jackets and pants when they work in the freezer. They also wear ski hats, face masks, and special gloves. Even with all the layers of clothes, they can only stay in there about a hour and a half before taking a break.

Colleen and Wyatt could only stay in for about a minute. It's that cold!

News 8 also got the inside scoop on what Blue Bell is up to next. They are set to release their fifth new flavor this week called Tiramisu. It is a smooth coffee ice cream with rich caramel sauce, whipped topping loaded with cake pieces and dark chocolate flakes. Need we say more?