Singing soldier's segment may be edited out




Posted on June 8, 2012 at 8:44 AM

Updated Friday, Jun 8 at 8:49 AM

Some juicy scoop to start off Friday morning!

The judges of a popular reality show, America’s Got Talent, are speaking out about a North Texas contestant and may possibly edit him completely out of an already taped show.

Timothy Poe, is accused of fudging his military record. Poe claimed he had a brush with death in Afganistan and a separate IED attack. But the military said it is not true.

Howie Mandel, one of AGT’s judges, is the first to speak out about the scandal. Mandel sid he doesn't expect Poe to be disqualified from America's Got Talent, but he reportedly told TMZ he was quote "blown away" and that he's "really angry with the North Texas veteran".

The word right now is that producers of the show plan to allow Poe to continue performing, but producers are considering editing parts of Poe's appearance in the upcoming Las Vegas show or remove him completely.

In the meantime, Poe's fiancée, Carrie Morris is fighting back, hoping to clear his name.
Morris spoke exclusively to News 8 and even produced paperwork from Poe's 2009 and 2011 Army medical records, hoping to verify his injuries from an IED attack and grenade blast in Afghanistan.

The Minnesota National Guard has no record Timothy Poe was ever even deployed to Iraq, and Morris confirmed a military photo Poe provided WFAA and NBC is definitely not him. Morris confirmed it was lifted straight from a Department of Defense website.

“He was looking at pictures, felt rushed, and was looking at the thumbnail and started sending stuff”, said a sniffling Morris. “It was a complete mix-up and he is totally totally sorry about that”.

Minnesota's National Guard said it’s unclear why Poe was ever issued those medical records.  Citing it only claims what Poe told Army nurses, not that his injuries were verified.