Pilar Sanders' friend says Deion attacked her, Pilar



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Posted on May 2, 2012 at 9:09 AM

Updated Wednesday, May 2 at 1:18 PM

DALLAS - Today, attorneys for Deion Sanders and his estranged wife Pilar will return to court. They'll talk to a judge about a possible protective order after a police investigation ended with assault charges against both the Sanders.

Wednesday morning, Dee Boswell, a family friend who was at the scene at the time of the incident and was charged with a Class C assault, shared her side of the story, in which she said she witnessed Deion attack Pilar, striking her over the head with a statue. She alleged he then turned on her after realizing she was recording the altercation on her camera phone.

Early last week, Deion used his Twitter account to claim that his children "just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room."

"She's going to jail n I'm pressing charges!" he continued.

Boswell was Pilar's friend referenced by the former Cowboys player in his tweet. She said she was at the house helping clean out their daughter's room when she said she heard some "muffled yells" and then heard Pilar scream.

"Not scream like, 'Hey, how are you?'" she said. "Scream like, 'Somebody help me."

That's when she said she broke out her camera phone to record the incident on video.

"I was able to catch Deion striking Pilar in the head with a statue," Boswell said.

Pilar was allegedly crouching down with her hands over her head when the statue came down on her, breaking her thumb. Boswell also said Pilar's lip was split during the altercation.

Boswell said Deion then discovered she was recording the incident and turned on her.

"He threw Pilar to the floor and came after me," she said.

Deion allegedly broke the phone, slamming it to the ground, said Toby Shook, Boswell's attorney, who also joined News 8 Daybreak during the interview. He said police took the memory card of the phone to investigate the allegations.

"I'm sure they'll send it to a forensics's lab to see if they can recover the images," he said.

Boswell admitted she did not witness what led up to the altercation between the Sanders. However, she said she was shocked when Prosper police arrived on the scene, taking Pilar into custody.

"Wow, seriously?" she said she thought at the time. "You have a woman who has blood all over her face and hand; her lip is obviously split; she's got a horrendous injury on her thumb, and they treated me and her like we were criminals."

During an exclusive interview with GMA, Deion claimed that Prosper records will reveal a "pattern of ignorance" coming from his estranged wife.

"This has been going for quite some time," he told GMA. "Unfortunately, the court sees that two people that are separated and going through a divorce could be in the same house, I don't understand how that works. It's just a very volatile situation."

"It's crazy," he said. "Everyone in this community, as well as the city, knows about what's been going on."

He added that he "prayed to God" that they don't allow Pilar back inside the home.

"It's not a safe environment for me, as well as the kids," he said.

He also claimed that two of his children who witnessed the incident back up his story that he never touched Pilar.

"My son came and said, 'Daddy, mommy called an ambulance; she's getting into the ambulance, nothing is wrong with her,'" he said. "I said, 'Oh my God.' That's the last thing I want to see, the first thing the public hears [is] that I abused me wife."

Deion said that is why he shared his side of the story to the public in such a quick manner.

Boswell said she believes the memory card will prove Deion is lying. She said she has known Pilar her whole life, and Deion for 13 years. Boswell said she noticed things take a turn for the worse around September-October. That's when she said she saw Pilar become depressed and tensions rise.

Pilar's friend said there was one other time in which Pilar claimed Deion attacked her back in 2007 or 2008.

"She called me in the middle of the night, frantically," Boswell said.

The call came in the early-morning hours, and Pilar was asking for Boswell's help to get her out of the house after he choked her, she said.

She also backed up Pilar's claims that the children have been seriously affected by the conflict.

WFAA.com's Marjorie Owens contributed to this report