Those who know man accused in murder, dismemberment stunned

Grapevine suspect has history of stalking

FORT WORTH -- For those who know 30-year-old Charles Dean Bryant, the past 24 hours have been a whirlwind of going back and looking for signs of what could have led him to do what police say he did: murder, dismember and burn the body of 24-year-old Jackie Vandagriff, a girl police say he'd met only hours earlier at a Denton bar.

Tuesday, we spoke to a woman who'd gone on a date with Bryant in June after being friends with him for months.

"I couldn’t have imagined he would kill, and it's scary to think the dates were so similar," she said. She asked us not to identify her out of fear for her safety.

"We bar-hopped to a couple of different places," she recalled, adding there was a lot of alcohol involved in the date.

Going from bar to bar is what police say Bryant and Vandagriff did, as well. An arrest warrant affidavit said they were seen on video at two different bars. Cell phone data indicates Vandagriff's phone ended up near Bryant's home.

The woman we spoke to went to Bryant's home, too.

"It's chilling. It's chilling. It's like it was the same thing," she said.

Police have now revealed Vandagriff's body was found burning in a blue kiddie pool in the woods near Lake Grapevine. You can see a blue kiddie pool in the Google image of the far north Fort Worth home where Bryant lived.

Police also say he was seen on video at Walmart at 4:41 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 14, buying a shovel. Police say there was evidence someone had started to dig a hole in the ground in the back yard where Bryant lived.

A man who says he was one of Bryant's closest friends, but also asked not to be identified because of the case, shared these thoughts with us:

"Everyone is shocked and in disbelief someone we knew and loved could be such a monster," he said. "Absolutely none of this makes sense, even looking back. He did battle depression and was a very emotional guy when it came to women, but never did he express anything out-of-the-ordinary."

The woman who went on that date with Bryant says she feels sick.

"You know, it could’ve been me. He could have snapped when he was with me," she said.

She says she hurts for the people who did allegedly suffer because of Bryant, and prays for them as everyone grapples with the details of the purported crime.

There is a candlelight vigil for Vandagriff 6 p.m. on Wednesday at Frisco Commons Park.

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