Police: Airport assault suspect was drunk

Anti-gay assault caught on video at DFW airport.

FORT WORTH -- More information has been released about the anti-gay assault caught on camera at DFW Airport Thursday afternoon.

The video, posted to YouTube, shows an angry man taunting another man in a pink shirt at a gate in Terminal C. He then kicks the victim and hits him in the head before being tackled by numerous onlookers.

A police report released Tuesday identifies the suspect as McCleish Christmas Benham, 27. He was arrested by DFW Airport police officers during the incident and charged with public intoxication and simple assault.

According to witnesses, Benham was verbally assaulting and being "belligerent" toward a ticket agent at the airport before security arrived. She reportedly asked him if he had been drinking and he replied, "Yes, 100 drinks."

The man in the pink shirt told police that he was asking Benham to calm down when Benham assaulted him.

In the video, a man in a black cowboy hat asks Benham what he's so upset about.

"Queers is what I am upset about," Benham answers. "The [expletive] right here."

We can't print some of what was said in the video because some are cursing. You can hear him cursing at officers and complaining his handcuffs are too tight.

One passenger asks him why he did it.

"You want me to tell you the reason why I did? Because this is America. That's why," he says. "The same reason you get to live, to breathe, to walk black."

Several passengers shot video as Benham is picked up and taken away.

The man who shot the footage identifies himself as Andrew Kennedy. He says on camera, "That guy was crazy. Absolutely crazy."

Kennedy then turns the camera and interviews his brother, who also saw the whole thing.

"We saw a very troubled man. We hope that he was under the influence of some kind of substance," Neal Kennedy said. "Because if he wasn't and that's his true personality, then he's going to have a long road in front of him."


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