Suspects still at large after deadly Dallas home invasion



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Posted on May 7, 2012 at 5:33 PM

Updated Monday, May 7 at 5:33 PM

Home invasion

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DALLAS — Police continue to search for the people who terrorized a Dallas residence early Sunday, killing a family patriarch and injuring three others during a brutal home invasion.

The family says it has been torn apart by the criminals who fatally shot 55-year-old Lorenzo Moreno in front of them.

Dallas police sources tell News 8 this may have been a feud over a boy between two teenage girls.

Ricky Moreno, 38, said he tried to battle a group of teens trying to make their way into his family's home. He was badly beaten.

"I tried to fight them off," he said. "I did my best. I tried my best, and guess when he saw me beat up the first two, that's when he came, the guy with the gun came and hit me on my head right here."

The teenage assailants beat him with a rifle, leaving his face swollen and bruised. He also has a head wound.

"Right now, I'm suffering the loss of my dad. That's the main thing. I lost... I lost  my heart," Ricky Moreno said.

The intruders also beat Moreno's mother and his niece, Olivia, who was the intended target.

Lorenzo Moreno was shot and killed as he tried to defend his family.

"Why did they take my dad from me?" a tearful Josie Cisneros asked. "They just took everything when they took my dad. They took my world away from me."

The family stood outside their home sharing pictures and memories of the family patriarch. Sources tell News 8 that Olivia, the target, and another girl had been fueding over a boy. The girl was allegedly at the home with at least five other suspects to attack Olivia.

But family members say they think the teens were there to rob them.

"It wasn't over a boy; my daughter would tell you," Cisneros said. "They came in and they knew what they were doing. They were going through my daughter's stuff while the girl was fighting with my daughter, and she had a mask and my daughter pulled it off and that's how how they knew who she was."

Dallas police have a capital murder warrant out for a 16-year-old girl, and they are looking for the other teens believed to be involved in the home invasion.

Lorenza Moreno had worked at a concrete company for decades. His co-workers plan to ride cement trucks in his funeral procession.