DFW passengers subdue homophobic assailant

Anti-gay assault caught on video at DFW airport.

A passenger at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport was tackled and subdued by other passengers Thursday after first spewing hateful language and then assaulting a man waiting to board his flight, according to video of the incident recorded by onlookers.

The footage shows a visibly angry man taunting another man at Gate 30 in Terminal C, apparently because he was wearing a pink shirt. It escalated from there as the instigator continued shouting as he removed his jacket.

A man in a black cowboy hat approached and asked the man what he was so upset about.

"Queers is what I am upset about! This [expletive] right here!" said the man, pointing to the man in the pink shirt.

The man then used his left leg to kick the man in the pink shirt and hit him on the head.

Other passengers responded immediately, jumping in to subdue the assailant and drag him to the ground. DFW Department of Public Safety officers then arrived to take control of the situation as the assailant cursed at law enforcement, complaining his handcuffs were too tight.

One passenger asked the man why him why he lashed out at the man in the pink shirt.

"You want me to tell you the reason why I did it? Because this is America, that's why. The same reason you get to live to breathe to walk black," he said.

Several passengers captured the scene using cell phone cameras as the man was escorted out of the passenger lounge.

"That guy was crazy... absolutely crazy," said Andrew Kennedy, who shot some of the footage that went viral online.

Kennedy's brother Andrew witnessed the drama unfold. "We saw a very troubled man," he said. "We hope that he was under the influence of some kind of substance, because if he wasn't and that's his true personality, then he's going to have a long road in front of him."

A DFW spokeswoman confirmed that DPS officers did, in fact, arrest the man on Thursday, but offered no further comment. A police report that would identify the assailant was not available.


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