Dallas woman scares off brazen burglar with gunshot

News 8's Rebecca Lopez has more.

DALLAS – A Dallas woman says she was in the bathtub getting ready for work when she says an burglar came to her home.

"I heard the alarm go off, and I thought, 'Someone is breaking in,'" Pamela Miller said.

Miller knew something was wrong. First, she called her husband on his cell. Then, she grabbed her gun, locked herself in her bathroom, and called 911.

"I am talking to 911 in the bathroom," she said. "I could hear him coming through the living room to the bedroom, and he kicked the bedroom door in."

What Miller couldn't see at the time, her surveillance cameras outside could. First, the suspect paced around the house and scouted it out before you see him kicking in the front door. He then goes through the home.

Miller knew the burglar was close by, and prayed he wouldn't try to come through the bathroom door. But seconds later...

"He kicked the bathroom door once, and I fired the shot," she said.

She put a bullet right through the middle of the door, but Miller was prepared to unload if he kept coming.

"If he was coming in, I was going to clear the magazine and protect myself," the woman said.

Her husband, Anthony, was frantically trying to determine what was happening at home as he raced to be with his wife.

"I don't know what is going on," he said. "I don't want to call, because I don't want the phone to ring."

Anthony says he is grateful he taught his wife how to use the gun.

Dallas police arrived quickly, but the suspect ran off. However, he left behind footprints on several doors.

The Millers hope by sharing the video and their story, someone will recognize the perpetrator and turn him in.


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