Couple involved in executive's murder, robbery speak from Tarrant County jail

Executive's slaying end in plea deal

FORT WORTH -- Two people involved in the death of a well-liked, local business executive are talking about what happened on the day he died.

Brandon Daniels, 32, could face up to four decades behind bars after taking a plea deal from Tarrant County prosecutors last week.
"It all happened at the drop of a dime," he said on Monday from a jail cell.
Daniels explained how he used a shotgun to shoot Marion Brown in May of 2014 after he says Brown came over to an apartment to have sex with his Daniels' girlfriend, Damonica Evans.  It was part of a prostitution effort, he admitted.

"There was a struggle for the weapon and he got shot," said Daniels.  "I'm sorry for the depths of my heart as far as that goes right there."
After he was killed, Daniels tried to clean up the mess, eventually taking the body and the man's car to East Texas and Louisiana where it was discovered some days later.
His girlfriend at the time, Damonica Evans, told News 8 she felt like she had to go along, or that should too would be hurt by Daniels. 
"This man was an innocent man and his life got taken," says Evans.
She will spend ten years behind bars after pleading guilty to two counts of aggravated robbery.  
Prosecutors didn't feel she was an active participant in the murder, and found her account of being fearful believable.
"I wish I could turn back the hands of time.  I really wish I could," she said about that night in her own interview.

The pair were eventually caught in South Carolina.
Brown was a well-liked manufacturing executive, according to WFAA media partner the Star-Telegram.
The prosecutor's office said his family was okay with the plea deal, as it helped bring closure and resolution to a case that was now approaching two and a half years. 

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