An olive jar and witchcraft: Wednesday's bizarre turn in the Arochi trial

A peculiar piece of evidence was the focus of the Enrique Arochi kidnapping trial for a short period Wednesday afternoon.

The kidnapping trial for Enrique Arochi, the man accused in the disappearance of Christina Morris just over two years ago, took a bizarre turn Wednesday.

The judge, state, and defense were -- for a short while -- hung up on a very peculiar piece of evidence.

It was an olive jar with bits of paper in cinnamon and oil. The jar had been placed in a shoe in Arochi's room and found during a search of his home.

Those pieces of paper had writing on them.

An investigator testified that it has something do with witchcraft.

The investigator told the jury that her online search came up with a term named "hechizo" which translates from Spanish to mean "spell,” and that placing it in a shoe meant "domination over others."

The investigator did not claim to be an expert on the subject.

The judge ultimately ruled that the contents of the jar were not admissible as evidence.

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