Chilling details revealed in Wylie teen's murder




Posted on April 2, 2012 at 10:25 PM

Teen found dead

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WYLIE — There are new details on the shooting death of a 15-year-old Wylie student.

The body of Nahum Martinez was found Saturday morning in a Wylie neighborhood.

A Collin County judge ruled both 14-year-old suspects should remain in custody at the John Roach Juvenile Justice Center. The judge heard from a juvenile probation officer, who based his testimony on the Wylie police report and witness statements.

Juvenile probation officer Jeff Falefia testified one of the teens first held a gun to Nahum's head... took it away... cocked it... pointed it back at his head... and shot him.

Falefia told the court the two boys attempted to put Nahum's body into a drainage ditch. Police dogs found a gun and loaded clip just a few yards from where Martinez was found Saturday morning.

Falefia said police found a spent shell casing on the dresser of one of the suspects.

Testimony at the hearing showed Nahum and the other two Wylie East students were friends, but that bad feelings developed between them after one of them flirted with Nahum's 17-year-old girlfriend.

With the investigation ongoing, it's too early for prosecutors to say if they want to try the suspects as adults.

Martinez was supposed to run the 3,200-meter run at a high school track meet in Rockwall on Monday. His coach and teammates honored him by keeping his name on the roster and by not replacing him in the race.