UT Arlington police knew Belo exec's killer had mental problems

Steve McIntosh

Credit: WFAA

Police said Steven McIntosh, 42, was gunned down Friday evening as he was leaving a preschool with his daughter.




Posted on April 26, 2011 at 11:24 AM

Updated Tuesday, Apr 26 at 11:31 AM

ARLINGTON - University of Texas at Arlington Police did not say much about Antonio Garcia, the man who they say shot and killed Belo executive Steve McIntosh on Friday.

Investigators did release documents on Monday giving details about previous encounters with the business student.

On Feb. 28,  someone at the university's Health Services Center called police and reported Garcia. The police said he was emotionally disturbed, with suicidal thoughts and a danger to himself.

Police responded to that incident and Garcia ended up in John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth for a mental evaluation.

On April 21, Colleyville police responded to a call from McIntosh's wife. She reported that she was being followed. Police report that an extensive search of the area was conducted, but they did not find anyone matching Garcia's description. Mrs. McIntosh was escorted home and told to file a police report with UT Arlington police.

Another call was placed concerning Garcia's behavior on Friday morning, hours before McIntosh was killed.

McIntosh's wife, who is a counselor at UT Arlington, called and reported the previous day's event as instructed by Colleyville police. A report was filed and Colleyville police said they forwarded all information to UTA police.

That afternoon, the next call came after Garcia shot himself and McIntosh was dead. 

McIntosh was driving his wife's car the day of the shooting and he was killed as he picked up his daughter from school.  

UT Arlington police and the Arlington Police department are both investigating why Garcia committed such acts.

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