Threats prompt heightened security at North Arlington mosque



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Posted on September 15, 2010 at 9:35 PM

Dar El Salam Islamic Center

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ARLINGTON — Arlington police confirm they are stepping up patrols around the Dar El Salam Islamic Center after at least one incident where a threatening note was left.

The mosque president and a spokesman for the Islamic community in Tarrant County said at least three recent incidents are raising concerns, including the note that was left at the mosque on September 11.

News 8 was told that another note was left the previous day at a home next door to the Islamic center. Someone apparently mistakenly thought the residence was connected to the mosque.

The representative for the Islamic association said both notes basically said something to similar to "die terrorists."

In another incident several weeks ago, the president of the mosque said a man walked into the building and asked if "this is where Muslims are taught to kill Americans?" Police did not confirm that report.

All this follows vandalism at a south Arlington mosque where the playground was torched, and a graphic anti-Islam cartoon was chalked onto the parking lot.

A 10-foot brick wall is being installed around the Dar El Salam mosque to provide additional security.