Those who know Sam Hurd stunned by allegations



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Posted on December 16, 2011 at 9:03 PM

Updated Saturday, Dec 17 at 2:49 PM

[Editor's note: Sections of the above video were edited out, as they contained NFL game footage that can not be online for more than 24 hours per league rules.]

DALLAS - It's the talk of all sports radio.

Chicago Bears wide receiver and former Dallas Cowboy Sam Hurd was arrested in a drug trafficking investigation. It comes as a shock to those who know him.

This morning 103.3 ESPN’s Ben and Skin show talked about the investigation.
"This guy was singing gospel songs every where he we went," Ben Rogers told News 8. "I never in a million years thought Sam Hurd would’ve been involved in something like this."
"He would probably be the last guy in the league in the NFL that could be going through this, because you always heard about his relationship with the church IBOC and his family," said former Dallas Cowboys safety Darren Woodson.
But Friday, Hurd stood before a federal judge. His bond set at a $100,000.  He was released after posting bail.  Reports indicate he returned to his Chicago home.

Hurd was arrested for offering to buy a kilogram, or 2.2 pounds, of cocaine from an undercover agent. He allegedly was going to sell the drugs in the Chicago area. There is reportedly a list of other NFL players Hurd may have been selling to but his lawyers says that's not so.
“With respect to the rumors that he has been supplying drugs to other members of the NFL out of respect to the NFL, out of respect to this teammates and other players, he 100 percent denies that allegation," said defense attorney Brett Greenfield.

Former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas Richard Roper told News 8 investigators will be looking for more evidence.

"One treasure trove of evidence that these agents will look for are cell phone records to identify other people that Hurd or some of these alleged participants to try and match up and see, corroborate the story," Roper said.  "They might search computers, check e-mail accounts to gather more evidence.  Also, look at bank accounts.  Where did the money flow?"
Hurd was cut by the Chicago Bears Friday. But, this investigation began while he was a Dallas Cowboy.
“This is looming now, this is a dark cloud over Valley Ranch," Rogers said. "Tensions are high in the locker room and it's because of this."
Woodson said he hopes this isn't a distraction for the Cowboys. For years, the team has battled one scandal after another, including the high-profile arrest of hall-of-famer Michael Irvin.
“When [Irvin was arrested] I did the exact same routine, because as much as I loved him, it didn't directly affect what I had to do to prepare for a football game, and that's how it is throughout the NFL," Woodson said.
Hurd has to face trial in a federal court here in Dallas.