Suspect steals pricey parrot, leaves behind purse with ID inside



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Posted on September 28, 2012 at 5:42 PM

Updated Friday, Sep 28 at 11:13 PM

DALLAS -- Some people will steal just about anything -- including a rare, $1,700, talking parrot.

Surveillance video from the Petland store at Preston Road and Forest shows a customer walking into a Dallas pet shop and walking out with the bird on her shoulder.

"It was really just a sweet bird,” said the store’s General Manager Chris Brauer.

The bird is a red Solomon Island Eclectus, and it was raised and trained by the store employees for the last year.

Brauer captured the theft on the store's surveillance cameras, which show the woman and the bird vanishing out the door.

"It probably was about 30 minutes before someone noticed the bird wasn't here,” Brauer said.

But while the thief had the guts to walk out of the store with the pricey bird on her shoulder, she didn't have the smarts to remember she'd left her purse inside.

Brauer said Friday a friend of the suspect returned to the store to claim the suspect’s forgotten bag. Brauer stalled him long enough to call police.

In a second surveillance video, taken Friday, you can see a man being questioned. He was released after about 20 minutes.

But Brauer hopes the dumb thief who stole a smart parrot left enough clues to bring her troubles back to roost.