Suspect in Bedford stabbings says he was beaten by inmates in Okla. jail



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Posted on May 3, 2013 at 6:24 PM

Updated Friday, May 3 at 6:26 PM

FORT WORTH -- Cedric Ricks, the suspect accused of fatally stabbing his estranged girlfriend and her eight-year-old son and severely wounding the woman's 12-year-old son, arrived at the Tarrant County Jail Friday afternoon with a swollen and bruised face.

Ricks, 38, told Tarrant County officials he was beaten by inmates while in jail in Garvin County, Oklahoma. Ricks was arrested in that county by Oklahoma Highway Patrol hours after the stabbings in Bedford.

The suspect had one eye swollen shut, the other bloodied, and had a swollen face. Tarrant County Sheriff's Deputy Terry Grisham said Ricks was beaten so badly, he had trouble talking.

Ricks immediately asked Tarrant County authorities for isolation in that jail.

Roxann Diana Sanchez, 30, and Anthony Reyes Figueroa, 8, were found in a unit of an apartment complex at about 8:40 p.m. Wednesday in the 1400 block of Park Place Blvd. A 12-year-old boy who was stabbed in the back of the neck survived was taken to Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth.

There was also an eight-month-old baby in the unit, who was uninjured. The baby is now in foster care.

Deputy Grisham said Ricks would get immediate medical attention and hospitalization, if necessary. He also said the suspect would be placed in a single cell.

He is being held on capital murder charges and one count of serious bodily injury to a child.