Search warrant reveals dark details about Frisco mother's murder suspect

Search warrant reveals dark details about Frisco mother's murder suspect

Terrence Black is the suspect arrested and charged in the death of Susan Loper of Frisco.



Posted on April 25, 2011 at 3:56 PM

Updated Tuesday, Apr 26 at 12:11 AM


Plano police released this search warrant.

Search Warrant Affidavit for 9111 Rio Blanco (Frisco) - Residence of Terrance Black



On April 19 @ 10:56 AM Plano PD dispatched an officer to take a report of a burglary @ Glen Eagles Country Club

One of the rooms inside the buildings was in disarray

The Glen Eagles General Manager along with two pilates students were concerned because their instructor missed their 10am scheduled class. Her vehicle was also not parked in its usual location

The women said they then noticed that the office area of the studio was messy and (they) moved closer to see a broken jar, a plant dumped over, a box and capsules, a bullet, a coffee cup, a small tote bag and spilled liquid on the floor.

A screen in the yoga area was on its side. We found glass shards and mud on a pink yoga mat.

The responding police officer determined a struggle had taken place, and observed what appeared to be blood on the floor and a live bullet as well.

Additional blood was found in two additional areas outside the building.

Blood was next to the curb on the driveway leading to the front door.

A total of a three live bullets - cbc 9mm luger bullets - were also found

Loper's purse had been located just outside the exit door - only her keys were missing.

Valuables were left in her purse.

Police contacted the victim's mother, father & ex-husband - all three expressed concern about ex-boyfriend Terrance (Rance) Black

Miller and Black had been involved in a relationship which ended badly - Black became obsessed - and his actions toward her were described as "smothering."

Her ex-husband also said he was once involved in a physical altercation at Susan Roper's residence because Black became extremely agitated and combative toward Susan Loper.

(The victim's mother) advised Black had tried on numerous occasions to reestablish a relationship - each time she refused.

Black was familiar with the victim's work location & schedule.

Loper recently complained to a friend that Black had recently attempted to give Susan Loper gifts - which she refused - resulting in Black becoming angry.

That afternoon police went to his address and were unable to contact him.

Viewed security camera footage of April 19, 2011 of area in front of Golf Teaching Center.

Prior to 6AM a white vehicle matching of Loper's car stopped in drive and parked near the location of the apparent blood found near curb (near passenger side of vehicle)

A subject could be seen exiting and re-entering the car and driving away.

Tolltag  records (victim's car):


06:09 entered NB tollway at appx in the area of West Park Blvd

06:16 exited tollway near Lebanon Road in Frisco

06:33 tolltag records vehicle driving Southbound on the Dallas North Tollway near Lebanon & Frisco

06:38 exited SB DNT near Parker Road in Plano

On April 20 at 00:29 a Plano officer located Toyota in an apt complex (1 mi away from Glen Eagles)

Apparant Blood evidence was noted inside & outside vehicle

Search warrant of Terrance Black’s home sought:


Any 9mm firearm & ammunition located inside the residence that could be related to the crime

Any and all related blood residence related to aggravated kidnapping investigation

Clothing worn by Susan Roper: Black Yoga Pants & Women's Swatch Watch



*A Green folder & hand-written notes "about relationships"