Rockwall murder victim pleaded for life, but confessed killer left her to die




Posted on November 21, 2012 at 11:55 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 21 at 6:26 PM

ROCKWALL -- The Rockwall man who confessed to killing a 15-year-old girl will remain behind bars.

In a routine court hearing, a Rockwall County judge decided there's enough evidence to continue holding 41-year-old Juan Enrique Torres for the stabbing death of Surie Baeza last month. Torres came to a Rockwall County courtroom shackled, wearing an orange jail jumpsuit.

Juan Torres used a 16-page letter to tell police he stabbed his girlfriend's daughter to death. Rockwall detective Kevin Tilley gave new details about Torres' written confession.

"After stabbing her several times, she went down to the ground," Tilly testified. "She pleaded with him, saying she didn't want to die. He locked the door, and washed the murder weapon."

Those new details angered Ana Morena, who lives a few houses from Torres and was friends with the Baeza family.

"That's unbelievable," Morena said. "She was a very nice kid. And that's why he should be locked in there, because we really can't have people walking free that don't have any mercy for other people."

Dallas Frasier, 18, considered Suri Baeza a little sister. After hearing the new details, Frasier told us he can only wonder if Surie's life could have been saved if Torres would have called for help, instead of locking the bedroom door and leaving her to die.

"He could have saved her life and it might have saved his, because if he had got her the help she needed, he wouldn't have been caught in as big of a case," Frasier said. "It wouldn't be a murder charge. It would've been an attempted murder charge."

The Rockwall detective testified Torres didn't show any remorse until his confession was read aloud.

"He broke down the cried," the detective said. "He apologized for being a hypocrite, by lying to us the night before."

When the testimony ended, the judge asked Torres if he understood what had been said in court.

"Every single word," he replied.

Torres will continue to be held at the Rockwall County jail on a $1 million bond.