Prosper school officials react to sex assault allegations




Posted on May 16, 2012 at 5:57 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 16 at 9:25 PM

PROSPER -- Prosper school administrators said the first time they heard anything about the sexual assault was Monday, when police showed up at the school to arrest five students. 

Darius McClinton-Hunter, the son of Los Angeles Angels outfielder Torii Hunter reportedly was a member of “Team Snapback”, a group of Prosper High School students.  Most of the alleged team members are athletes. 

Some parents and students told us the kids on Team Snapback run the town.

“Considering  they are some of the top athlete in our school, it’s definitely they run it because we’re such an athletic school and environment, “ said Chandler Point, Prosper Highs School student. “It definitely toll on the way we feel as a school when our top athletes are getting into trouble.”
At a detention hearing Tuesday, prosecutors asked a juvenile suspect about Team Snapback's reputation for drugging girls to have sex, and trading alcohol and drugs for sex. 
Prosper High School students told News 8 while they don't know anything about those allegations, the boys often bragged about getting girls.

McClinton-Hunter, 17-year-old Derek White and two juveniles are charged with sexual assault of a child.  Another teen is accused of restraining a girl who police say was trying to help the 16-year-old victim allegedly assaulted in the closet of a Prosper apartment.
Prosper police would not confirm whether Team Snapback is the focus of their investigation.