Prosecutors dismiss rape charge against Boston Prachyl



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Posted on September 7, 2012 at 10:28 PM

Updated Saturday, Sep 8 at 9:28 PM

ELLIS COUNTY - The case against Boston Prachyl divided a community over the last year.

"He's learned a lot," said Dorann Prachyl, Boston's mother. "It's a hard life lesson to learn at 17."

"I just never dreamed it would get this far," added his father, Brian Prachyl, 50.

Boston was 17, a star football player and starting his senior year at Ennis High School, when a classmate accused him of rape in September 2011.

"He missed out on everything," Dorann said. "He had to be in alternative school. He was taken out of National Honor Society. He was taken off the Homecoming King ballot, even."

Interest from college sports recruiters dried up, too, and even though Boston was fifth in his class, he could not attend graduation.

"His senior year was basically non-existent," his dad said.

The teenager, his family, and defense attorney Mark Griffith vigorously denied the young man did anything wrong.

Boston said the girl, a friend who often came to his house, was lying. She even asked him to prom, Boston said, months after she alleged the sexual assault happened.

No one knows how many cases like Boston's actually end up in court. But a federal study reports that almost 10 percent of all rape cases are unfounded.

This one got all the way to trial, but never made it past the first witness -- the accuser in this case. She evidently said something during cross-examination that destroyed her case, and led prosecutors to drop the felony charge against the teenage boy.

"I grabbed him and said, 'Come here, son.' I hugged him and said 'This is going to be over soon.' I just knew it," Brian said, wiping away tears.

No one from the Ellis County District Attorney's Office would interview with News 8 about Prachyl's case, but it did send a statement.

"This was a difficult decision, but the State of Texas has an obligation to seek justice," the statement read. "This motion is consistent with that obligation. ... Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victim and her family."

The D.A.'s office refused to answer any specifics about why it dismissed the charge against Prachyl, including whether the accuser lied.

Without knowing for certain whether the young woman, now 18, is a victim, News 8 decided not to name her in this story. She did not respond to a request for an interview from News 8.

"It's not right that a girl can accuse someone of a felony crime such as this, and not get any punishment afterwards," Boston said.

He just started at Texas A&M, and revealed that his fury toward her has now given way to forgiveness.

"I have forgiven her," he said. "I don't know what she was going through, in her mind."

Prachyl said he is trying to get his arrest record expunged, now that the charges are dismissed. His parents and their attorney said the family is also considering a civil lawsuit.