Police struggle to get the story straight in Keller shooting




Posted on October 13, 2011 at 9:18 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 13 at 9:56 PM

KELLER - Gregory Williams, a husband and father, was shot dead in Keller Thursday, but it was still unclear Thursday night if it was a suicide or a murder.

It happened on the 1400 block of Jacob Avenue around 4:40 a.m. The wife, Michelle Williams, spoke of an intruder in her 911 call.

911 Operator: "What's going on?"

Caller: "My husband was shot. Somebody was in the house ... He's bleeding really bad. He was shot in the head."

But by noon, that story was in question and later changed.

Police say Michelle Williams admitted to staging a break-in by hitting herself with a wrench and prying at locks with a screwdriver. She told detectives she wanted to hide the shame of a suicide.

"[Michelle Williams] was laying on the couch with her daughter and heard a gunshot," said Lt. Brenda Slovak with the Keller Police Department. "She went in, found that [her husband] had shot himself. She cleaned the gun and she cleaned his hands."

For now, police are still treating the investigation as a homicide.

Police said Thursday afternoon they are finished listening to stories and are focused on physical evidence at the scene - which will determine if it was a suicide.

Michelle Williams is not under arrest and has hired an attorney.

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