Police found drugs, guns in house following shooting



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Posted on July 25, 2012 at 1:37 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 12 at 7:37 AM

Police-involved shooting

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DALLAS - Police released more details into Tuesday's officer-involved shooting in a news release Wednesday, including the transcript of the 911 call that officers responded to before the incident and Officer Brian Rowden's internal affairs division résumé.

Following the shooting, detectives executing a search warrant at 5316 Bourquin St. recovered a Ruger P95 9mm handgun, Mosburg 12-gauge shotgun, 171 grams of marijuana, 16.1 grams of PCP, 30.1 grams of crack cocaine inside the residence, 19 grams of crack cocaine found on the path suspects took when fleeing police, 24.1 grams of Xanax and 52.1 grams of Hydrocodone.

The release also further detailed the events leading up to the shooting and what they found in the house they were originally called to in the 5300 block of Bourquin Street.

According to the 911 call transcript, the caller, who chose not to identify himself, said five or six armed Hispanic men walked a black male into a house on Bourquin with his hands tied up behind him, and were saying they were going to kill him. It is undetermined who made the phone call that initiated the incident, and police believe the call may have been fake.

Three officers, including Rowden, arrived at the residence and knocked on the side door. When the officer opened the outer door, they were stopped by a metal cage fastened to the interior door. When they yelled "police," someone inside slammed the interior door. Rowden and another officer pushed an air conditioning unit out of the way and saw four black males inside the residence and a gun on the table.

According to the release, the suspects jumped up, one grabbed the gun and they jumped out a back window of the residence. One officer took suspect Arthur Dixon into custody as the other three fled. Dixon was interrogated and arrested for two alias tickets and evading arrest

Police say Rowden caught up with suspect James Harper as he was jumping a fence, and Harper kicked Rowden in the chest. The pursuit continued over a total three fences before Rowden and Harper ended in a horse corral in the 3800 block of Mural Lane.

Once inside the corral, police said Rowden and Harper fought, and Rowden lost his handcuffs and sustained injuries to both arms, which required medical treatment.

According to the release, Harper told Rowden several times the officer would have to kill him, and kept his hand on his pocket. That led Rowden to believe Harper was armed with the gun he had seen picked up off the table in the residence. Rowden, exhausted and fearing for his life according to police, shot Harper. Dallas Fire-Rescue responders pronounced Harper dead at the scene.

The medical examiner said for now, the only information they could release is that Harper was killed by a gunshot wound.

News 8 spoke to the owner of the residence on Mural Lane Wednesday. He didn't want to be identified, but saw Harper in his last moments.

"I saw him laying down, face down on the ground," the resident said.

He said he knew Harper was dying.

“He was breathing. He was looking at me," the resident said. "He couldn't say anything, he was gagging for air."

In addition to the drugs and guns found inside the residence on Bourquin Street, police said detectives recovered nine cell phones, four digital scales and a partial drug ledger. They also found $437 in the right front pants pocket of Harper.

The shooting sparked outrage in the community around Dixon Circle, which has been a problem area for the police department for years.

The property owner said he and his elderly mother were worried about protesters trying to get to his home.

"I was scared for my momma and the chaos on the street, and I didn't want them to come down here," the resident said. "We had nothing to do with it."

911 call transcript before officer-involved shooting

Officer Rowden's Internal Affairs Resume