Murdered Frisco woman told police ex-boyfriend 'stalked' her




Posted on April 29, 2011 at 10:00 PM

Updated Saturday, Apr 30 at 9:23 AM

PLANO - There's new information regarding the murder of a Frisco mother and the former boyfriend who's accused of killing her.

According to a Frisco police report, Susan Loper told officers Terrance Black was stalking her.

The police report details a December 2008 altercation between Black and Susan Loper's ex-husband, Craig Loper.  The report said Black walked into Loper's house uninvited, questioning why her ex-husband was there.  The two began arguing and pushed each other. Frisco police were called, but no charges were filed.

"Susan feels Black is stalking her," the Frisco officer who filed the report wrote. "He shows up when she doesn't answer the phone." 

But, police never pursued the stalking issue. 

"If any individual reports a case of stalking, it will be filed with our agency as an offense report for stalking-harassment and investigated," A Frisco police spokesman told News 8.

Police say in the Loper case, she didn't pursue charges, so neither did they. Officials at Hope's Door, formerly the Collin County Women's Shelter, say that's not unusual.

Black was released from the hospital earlier this week after he was treated for a neck injury from a jump into the grand canyon. He is being held at the Coconino County Detention Center.
Black was seen panhandling at a scenic overlook. He bolted over the ledge and fell 25 feet after park rangers asked him to identify himself.  He's facing capital murder.

Black is expected to be in court on Monday.