PD: Man found killed in Dallas park was kidnapped the night before




Posted on October 31, 2012 at 10:43 AM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 31 at 1:14 PM

Kidnapping victim found dead

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DALLAS – A day before his dead body was found in a park along the Trinity River, Trevis Henderson called 911 to say he was in a fight with two black men over money. Before the line cut out, the operator said it sounded as if he was struggling and crawling. 

On Monday, the 22-year-old was declared dead. Officers were called to his body at Rochester Park, which is sandwiched between U.S. 175 and S. Central Expressway in South Dallas abutting the Trinity. Department spokesman Sgt. Warren Mitchell said in a release that he had been shot. 

Investigators would learn he was kidnapped the night before. Seven minutes before Henderson made his emergency call, a witness dialed 911 to say she saw a black man wrestling with a white man near a vehicle outside a restaurant. 

It appeared, the caller said, that the black man was trying to force the other man into a 2006 Chevrolet SUV, which was parked near the entrance of an IHOP in the 2300 block of Stemmons Trail. The driver also exited the vehicle to help shove the man inside. 

The witness got the license plate number as the suspects sped away. When police arrived, the SUV was long gone. 

The incident report says the assigned officer learned the calls were related and discovered that the owner of the 2006 SUV lived at an apartment complex in the department’s Central Division. Police visited the residence but didn’t find the SUV. Mitchell said in his release that officers waited for the vehicle to return home. 

When the driver, identified as Jeremie Terell Newsom, arrived, he voluntarily joined police for a chat at police headquarters. After waiving his right to an attorney, Mitchell said he admitted to kidnapping Henderson and told investigators he had an accomplice, LaQuan Devondray Hughes. 

Hughes’ arrest warrant recounts Newsom’s tale. He told police he and an unidentified “heavyset white male” kidnapped Henderson in that parking lot. Hughes sat behind the wheel and had a shotgun with him. The heavyset man had a pistol, Newsom told police. 

The kidnapping occurred because Henderson owed Hughes “a sum of money” –– the same thing that 911 caller reported before the line went dead. 

Newsom, 26, was taken into police custody and charged with aggravated kidnapping. Hughes hasn’t been arrested yet and the heavyset man has heretofore not been identified. 

None of the suspects have been charged with Henderson’s death, Mitchell said. 

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