New details on teens accused of murdering Eric Forrester




Posted on April 20, 2010 at 9:41 PM

FORT WORTH — Police say two teenagers were after laptop computers when Eric Forrester surprised them in his home earlier this month. Forrester, 17,  was shot and killed.

Fort Worth police said they used warrants to recover the stolen laptops from the home of one of the suspects, 16-year-old Clifton Elliot.

According to court records, Elliot's fingerprints were at the crime scene. The court papers also say that Elliot confessed to his part in the April 12 burglary, but said someone else was the gunman.

Elliot's family would not go into specifics, but in an interview with News 8, they said the court papers are a lie.

News 8 has learned the other suspect, 16-year-old Robert Patterson, was arrested at a duplex on Saturday afternoon located less than a mile from the Forrester home.

Breon Patterson, 18,  was also arrested Saturday, but not for murder. Prosecutors say he violated his probation in a theft case from Hurst, which involved juvenile suspects.

Robert Patterson and Clifton Elliot are the only two people arrested for Forrester's murder.

Bruce Rogers, who was initially arrested for the crime, is no longer a suspect.  According to his arrest warrant, an acquaintance of Rogers turned him in, saying Rogers had asked him to help rob a house.

The acquaintance said that afterward, Rogers told him he made a mistake and needed "to find a way to Waco."