NFL quarterback impersonator wanted in Denton



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Posted on September 28, 2011 at 10:25 PM

DENTON — Prosecutors in the Denton County District Attorney's office have issued an arrest warrant for Stephan Pittman, 33, after learning he was arrested in Washington D.C. recently for posing as NFL quarterback Vince Young.

Pittman is on deferred adjudication here — a form of probation — after a 2009 sexual assault at a local apartment complex.

Prosecutors in Denton now allege that Pittman violated terms of his release with this out-of-state arrest.

To pull off what police in Washington accuse him of, Pittman not only had to have courage, but also confidence.

"He said, 'I'm Vince Young, the quarterback,'" recalled Amy Willis.

Pittman posed as the Philadelphia Eagles player and convinced her to invest $25,000, Willis said.

"What he had proposed to me was to buy the spa I work at," she added.

Willis later complained that Pittman took off with the money, though police in Washington have not charged him for it.

Still, the 33-year-old man was arrested in nearby Maryland for posing again as the NFL quarterback, prosecutors said.

According to court documents reviewed by News 8, Pittman allegedly impersonated Vince Young and convinced a man to contribute $2,500 to what the alleged victim thought was the quarterback's charity.

Young and Pittman do share a facial resemblance.

The Denton County's District Attorney's Office said Pittman could now face up to two decades in prison for violating terms of his release on the 2009 sexual assault.

"For this type of offense, a sexual assault, it's a second degree felony," said Denton County prosecutor Jamie Beck. "The range of punishment is as little as two years in prison to as much as 20 years in prison."

News 8 has also learned that Pittman once posed as a professional athlete in Austin.

According to affidavits and an indictment from Travis County, Pittman told two women in 2008 that he used to play for the Houston Rockets, and said he co-owned three bars in the state capital.

Pittman was charged with felony theft in Austin for swindling more than a $1,000 from one woman,  whom he convinced he would take to Las Vegas if she would front some of the money.

He later served six months in jail for that crime.

Pittman is scheduled to appear in a Washington D.C. court on Thursday afternoon to answer fraud charges there.

He'll eventually be returned to North Texas to face additional charges related to violating his probation.