McKinney chiropractor arrested on two new sexual assault charges



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Posted on December 7, 2011 at 6:10 PM

Updated Thursday, Dec 8 at 12:55 AM

McKINNEY - Dr. David Russell has been charged with two new counts of sexual assault.

The McKinney chiropractor has been accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls, who were his patients. He was arrested in late October and November on two previous sexual assault charges.

The most recent charges of sexual assault were reported on Nov. 8, 2011 and Nov. 10, 2011. Both involved adult victims.  McKinney police told News 8 they came forward after the case went public.  Detectives would not release anymore details on the allegations.

"Those warrants have been sealed," said Deputy Chief of Police Scott Brewer.  "We are not going to speak to any of the details about that, and as well, is part of an ongoing criminal investigation."

Russell's attorney, Todd Shapiro, questioned the charges. 

"I immediately have to question the motivation behind these reports," Shapiro said.  "These crimes took place days, months, weeks ago. What kept these people, these adults, from coming forward?"

Russell was arrested around 3:30 p.m. at the future home of the Taylor Dance Center on Virginia Parkway, but was released on bond around 6 p.m. Wednesday. Both charges are second-degree felonies.  Shapiro told News 8 Russell denies the charges.

"He is adamant, he has never sexually abused a child or adult, period," Shapiro said. 

Bond was set at $200,000 for one count and $25,000 for the other. Russell's attorney was able to reduce the bond, leaving both at $25,000 each. The emergency contact Russell listed was Susan Taylor, owner of the Taylor Dance Studio where some of the alleged victims studied.

The Texas Chiropractic Board suspended Russell's license two weeks ago.

The case against Russell led to an apology to a victim by the McKinney Police Department for mishandling information they were given on the chiropractor in the last year. After the police were given the information, Russell was accused of assaulting at least one other patient.

The investigation is ongoing. Investigators are still checking leads and more charges are a possibility.

"I would say that we will continue that investigation until we run down every single lead," said Deputy Chief of Police Brewer.  "We will continue to follow up on every single lead and every lead that leads to probable cause for arrest, we will take that swift action."