Man shot and killed at South Dallas drive-thru



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Posted on September 22, 2012 at 9:42 AM

Updated Saturday, Sep 22 at 10:22 PM

Fast food shooting

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DALLAS — A father of three was gunned down while ordering food at a fast food restaurant in the city's Fair Park district early Saturday morning.

Dallas police said three suspects tried to rob 47-year-old Charles McFarland in the drive-thru lane. As he drove away to escape, they fired into his car.

Gloria Marshal said she can't make sense of why someone would kill her brother for a few dollars. "There is nothing material out there worth taking anybody's life," she said. "It's senseless to kill him for some money and he drove off. Why did they shoot him? Why did they shoot in his car?"

McFarland had left his mother's home to get something to eat. He pulled up at the Williams Chicken restaurant in the 2600 block of Robert B. Cullum Boulevard and was ordering his food around 1 a.m.

"And all of a sudden, here come three guys," Marshal said. "They just bum-rushed him and said, 'Give me what you got!' and he said, 'I don't have anything.' He pulls off, and as he pulls off, they shoot into his car."

Dallas police said the suspects fired multiple rounds into McFarland's vehicle. He was shot once, but was somehow able to drive for several blocks before crashing his car on Scyene Road.

He died later at Baylor University Medical Center.

"I just know he was a good man," said Essie McFarland, the victim's mother. "He worked hard and he was just good."

Family members said McFarland was a big Dallas Cowboys fan, and was good-natured. He was extremely proud because his 18-year-old daughter had just started college.

His family said he was the type to avoid confrontation.

"If he approached you, I guarantee he would have made you laugh about something," Marshal recalled. "That's just the kind of person [he was]."

McFarland's family said they still can't believe a simple trip to a fast food restaurant would end so tragically.

Dallas police are asking anyone with information about this crime to call them.