Judge to decide if Wylie teen should stand trial as adult




Posted on July 2, 2012 at 11:56 AM

Updated Monday, Jul 2 at 5:23 PM

WYLIE - A Collin County judge will decide whether a 15-year-old boy should stand trial as an adult for the murder of 15-year-old Nahum Martinez, a Wylie East High student.

In a court hearing Monday, prosecutors identified the young suspect as the shooter, and described him as "unemotional."

In her opening statement, Assistant District Attorney Linda Drain outlined evidence against the boy.

On March 31, Martinez' body was found partially inside a storm drain with a single gunshot wound between his eyes, which the prosecutors said showed a callous level of brutality.

At a nearby house, police discovered a broken screen on a second-floor window. Below the window, a hedge appeared crushed. A trail of blood led to the body.  Police believe the suspects threw the body out the window and then dragged it to the storm drain.

A Wylie police officer who investigated the murder, testified a homeowner told him she heard a "big bang" at 1:49 a.m.

Inside the suspect's bedroom, police found splattered blood covered with a towel.

A Wylie Police officer, one of the first to arrive at the murder scene, talked with the teen suspect.

Officer Stuart McCoy testified the boy said to him, "I did it. It was my fault. He [Martinez] was playing with the gun. I reached down to grab the gun, and it went off."

Other Wylie police officers who testified described evidence they found in high grass, just off a Wylie walking trail, including a chrome-plated Remington .45-caliber handgun, a box of ammo and a bloody comforter.

The prosecutor told the judge the boy never showed any emotion and repeatedly lied about what happened.

"He has a tendency to lie to get himself out of trouble," Drain said.

Nahum Martinez' parents came to court to see if the accused killer will stand trial as an adult. His mother wore a t-shirt bearing her murdered son's photo.

Judge Cyndi Wheless is expected to make a decision on whether to try the boy as an adult on Tuesday. If certified as an adult, the 15 year old could face life in prison.

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