Murder-for-hire suspect remains in custody




Posted on April 20, 2012 at 12:57 PM

Updated Saturday, Apr 21 at 8:36 AM

FORT WORTH -- A federal magistrate ordered an Arlington business man,  accused in a murder-for-hire plot, to remain behind bars.

The judge called Ryan Grant dangerous and a flight risk after hearing testimony Friday morning from an FBI Agent.

Grant is accused of trying to hire someone to kill Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck and attorney Tom Brandt.

FBI Agent Matthew Wilkins testified that Grant blamed them for blocking his efforts to reopen Flashdancers, a strip club he owned in the city, that had been shutdown.

Agents say their investigation started on April 3 when an informant received text messages from Grant who was trying to set up a meeting.

They say Grant was video and audio taped during those meetings, allegedly requesting to hire someone from outside the country to kill both men.

He did not want the person to know his name, reportedly telling the informant "he did not want to do 25 years for nobody."

On April 5, Grant reportedly postponed the hit, telling the informant, "Don't bet the ponies at the horsetrack just yet."

But four days later on April 9, Grant reportedly told the informant, "Let's do the Mayor. Let's hit him tomorrow."

Hours later on that date, News 8 cameras caught agents raiding Grant's home.

Grant's attorney, Warren St. John, tried to get his client released on bond Friday, putting his mother, Patricia Grant, on the stand.

She said her son would live with her if he was to be released.

Talking to reporters after the hearing, St. John admitted the taped evidence would be a challenge, but added that his client took "no overt actions" against either person.