Duncanville hit-and-run victim appeals to fleeing driver




Posted on September 19, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Updated Wednesday, Sep 19 at 6:17 PM

DUNCANVILLE — Omega Jones, who barely survived a horrific hit-and-run accident, is sending a powerful plea to the driver who kept on going.

She and two others were having problems with a wheel on their sport utility vehicle in Duncanville.

The accident left Jones with several broken bones and fractures, including her leg, ankle, wrist and clavicle.

"I'm pretty much like a newborn that has to be helped to do everything," she said, adding that she is feeling better every day.

Jones delivered an emotional message to the hit-and-run driver seen in a Duncanville police officer's dash cam video — the same driver who swerved to avoid hitting the disabled SUV, but instead slammed into the 39-year-old woman who was on the side of the road.

"I want them to know that I have no ill feelings deep down in my heart toward what has happened to me," Jones said. "I just want to get better."

But her pain has been compounded this week. Jones' ailing sister died, just after visiting her on Saturday.

For now, all she wants is to find a way to put what happened on Highway 67 behind her. "And this will be able to put that closure behind them as well, because I never expected my life to be turned upside-down just like that," Jones said.

Ironically, Jones said the spot she was struck is the place she chose to get safely away from the disabled SUV, which had broken down in the middle of an exit ramp.

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