Grandmother talks about grandson's dehydration death



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Posted on August 26, 2011 at 9:53 PM

DALLAS -- Sue Shotwell held her grandson's as he drew his last breath.

"I just told him I loved him, that he was precious," said Shotwell.

Police records released on Friday state that Jonathan James had "severe elevate sodium levels in his blood, elevated potassium in his blood, liver dysfunction and severe acid build up...consistent with severe dehydration."

Johnathan's grandmother found the information disturbing because she said he would drink a lot of water because he was so active.

"He would run out the door and I would hand him a bottle of water as he was running out the door just like he was running a marathon," Shotwell said. "He was very active and he always had water with him."

Police said Johnathan's father Michael James and his step-mother Tina Alberson withheld water from him as a form of punishment.

The10-year-old's grandmother said the act was cruel considering Jonathan was usually a good kid.

"He was just a very forgiving child," Shotwell said.

 Shotwell said her grandson started voicing concerns bout having to visit his father. On the day he left, Shotwell said he asked to  stay with her, but she had to let him visit his father.

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