Suspect in Plano explosion revealed, FBI searches home again




Posted on June 21, 2012 at 4:03 PM

Updated Friday, Jun 22 at 2:38 PM

PLANO - To see agents swarming their neighborhood once again was a bit unnerving for residents near the 3200 block of Anchor Drive.

It's the home of Anson Chi, the suspect in the explosion near a gas regulator station in the 3600 block of West Parker Road, that brought FBI agents back.

The explosion happened around midnight Sunday.  Chi's identity was revealed in a court document News 8 obtained Thursday night. A more in-depth affidavit has not yet been unsealed.

"It's very scary because I'm wondering, 'Did they find something else, or what's going on? What are they doing?'" said neighbor Belinda Rodriguez.

Agents didn't talk with residents Thursday, but now we know Monday they did.

Jack Jordan, who lives a few doors down, was startled when an agent knocked on his door, flashed his badge and began asking questions.

"He just asked me if I had heard anything, if I knew the people down the street, if I'd heard anything the last few hours, or the last couple evenings," he said. "Of course I hadn't."

Chi was seriously injured in the explosion. Thursday, agents could be seen moving canisters and containers in and out of his home. During the initial search Monday, technicians removed explosive devices, which they eventually detonated in rural Kaufman County.

"I thought we had this all wound up and taken care of," Jordan said. "But I'm glad they came back. If there's something else in there and there's something to find, I want them to look and do whatever they have to do."

The FBI will answer no questions, but did stress Thursday the public is not in danger by whatever is or was inside that home.

"That's the scary part for the neighbors, just not knowing," Rodriguez said. "We're so close and we don't want anything to happen."

E-mail's Marjorie Owens contributed to this report

Anson Chi Complaint cover sheet