Deputy shot in Hill County domestic dispute thought he would die



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Posted on December 8, 2011 at 11:46 PM

Two deputies shot in Hill County

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WHITNEY - Deputy Larry Armstrong held his baby grandson and said he’s grateful to be alive.

Wednesday night Armstrong thought he was going to die. He and three other deputies were responding to a call where a man had a weapon, and was threatening to kill his ex-wife.

Armstrong was the first deputy to the door of the house on Timberline in Lake Whitney.
“The door came open, and as the door came open, I felt a thud in my back and heard the shot, and realized I had been shot," he said.
Armstrong said he felt like his chest was exploding. He'd been shot in the shoulder and knocked to the ground.

"The only thing I could think of was, the man is going to step into the door now and shoot me again, because I am laying there flat on my back," Armstrong said.
But survival instincts kicked in.

“I rolled over, I drew my gun and I started firing into the wall that I thought he was behind," he said.
A fellow officer pulled Armstrong to his feet and back to his squad car.

Police now know the suspect, Jason McIntyre, was armed with nearly two dozen weapons, some of them long-range rifles. He had just been released from a mental institution and broke into his ex-wife's home. As she walked up to the house she saw all the weapons.
"That's when he threatened that he would kill her, her boyfriend or anyone else who came to the house," said Hill County Sheriff Jeffery Lyon.
Armstrong has been an officer 37 years and has never been shot. But he says he's never left home angry at his wife, for fear he might die in the line of duty.

"[I worry I'd die] and that [would] be the last thing on her mind," he said. "That we had a fight before I left."
He said since he was 12, all he's ever wanted to be was a police officer. Despite the close call, he'll be right back on the streets.

"If you take that away from me, then you've taken Larry Armstrong away," he said.