Dallas police: One-hour chase was 'textbook pursuit'



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Posted on April 19, 2012 at 6:31 PM

Updated Thursday, Apr 19 at 8:17 PM

DALLAS - Ternorris Duncan took Dallas police on a high speed chase, at times waving his hand out the window.

Inside the car was a woman who police believed was a hostage. So the SWAT team joined in.

"When they heard this pursuit take place and the individual was armed inside, they decided to join the pursuit," said Sr. Cpl. Kevin Janse with the Dallas police.

The chase wound through several cities. First, south to Seagoville, then turning around and going through downtown Dallas. They continued through Garland and Mesquite before the driver U-turned, and made his way back to Interstate-30 to downtown Dallas.
He went through several downtown streets, pausing at intersections before zooming through. Then it ended, just blocks from WFAA, on North Lamar.

"I [saw] them grab the truck door and throw him on the ground and stuff, and got him and handcuffed him," said witness Sharetha Baker.

The arrest happened in front of dozens of people near a busy DART station during the lunch hour.

"I was fixing to run," said witness Vickie Bailey. "I didn't know if they were going to shoot or not. Too many police cars for me."

Dallas police said their officers did everything by the book by chasing a man wanted for a violent felony with a potential hostage.

"Any pursuit is going to be dangerous, and when you get into the downtown area it makes it even more dangerous," Janse said. "Like I said earlier, this was a textbook pursuit, and there were no injuries or property damage. Glad he stopped when he did."

Witnesses and police say the woman in the SUV with Duncan was visibly shaken.

"She was scared as hell," Bailey said.

Police said the woman was inside the vehicle with Duncan when they initially tried to arrest him, on an aggravated assault warrant. They said Wednesday night he shot at another woman, the mother of his child, and that's why he was wanted.

Inside the vehicle, police pulled out at least two weapons - a rifle and a handgun.

The suspect was apparently on the phone with Mesquite police most of the time. He was telling them he was afraid to pull over, because he might be shot.

News 8 checked Duncan's criminal record, and he has at least one charge of evading arrest in the past.

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