Dallas police investigate violent rape case

Top Flight Apartments

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Neibhbors found the 61-year-old victim unconscious in her apartment on August 27.



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Posted on August 30, 2012 at 6:42 PM

Updated Saturday, Sep 1 at 6:29 PM

Sexual assault

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DALLAS – After initially filing an incident report showing no foul play, Dallas police now suspect a woman found bloodied on the floor of her apartment on Monday was viciously raped. 

Neighbors say the victim was hurt so badly that she was still unconscious days after the attack. Pastor Linda Turner at the Oasis Baptist Church watches out for the people on Grand Ave.

She was alarmed when one of her regulars failed to show up at her church since Friday. 

The victim lives at the Top Flight Apartments next door to the church. 

The victim’s neighbor, who asked News 8 to be anonymous, was also worried. The victim had diabetes and was sometimes sick.

So on Monday they asked the manager to unlock the missing woman's apartment and check.

They were shocked by what they saw.

"The whole room was tore up like somebody had been fighting and knocking stuff over,” the neighbor said. 

The victim may have been unconscious for days; she was barely breathing.

"Her face was caked with blood and she looked almost mummified because the blood was dried on her face,” the neighbor said.

The initial police report indicates there was no foul play. But once the victim got to the hospital, a rape kit was done. Results from that prompted police to revisit the scene.

A second police report indicates she might have been violently raped.

So on Wednesday two days after she had been found, Dallas police went back to the apartment.

"I am just amazed that this is what has happened, and concerned,” the neighbor said.

Neighbors say the victim often tried to feed people who were down on their luck and let them use her apartment.  

Now they wonder if one of the people she tried to help may have hurt her.

The Dallas Police Department says this is an ongoing investigation and can’t release any information on the case.

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